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on The Dictionary of Untranslatables

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on religion in China

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on Kevin Kwan's Crazy Rich Asians

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on Ying Zhu's Two Billion Eyes: The Story of China Central Television

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on Hsiao-Hung Pai's Scattered Sand: The Story of China's Rural Migrants

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on the bloodiest civil war in history and the birth of modern China

Saying Mazel Tov in Mandarin (Jewish Daily Forward, January 2012)

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on Robert Barsky's Zellig Harris, biography of Chomsky's mentor 


Wherefore Art Thou Luomiou? (Foreign Policy, January 2015)
Shakespeare booms in China

Endangered Speakers (n+1, Spring 2014) subscription only
document the languages of immigrants, refugees, and exiles in NYC

Days of Wine and Rosaries (Harper's, July 2013)
Tibetan Catholics making wine and building churches

(Lapham's Quarterly, December 2010) 
from Kinshasa to Jakarta, the future of the megacity

The Silk Road Unravels (Open Democracy, July 2009)
the dark side of Silk Road frenzy and the destruction of Kashgar

Letter from Motor City (Open Democracy, June 2009)
techno, urban farming and guerrilla art in the Detroit ruins

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Last updated: 15 April 2016. 

linguistic equality and sources of radical possibility

95 percent of languages are barely online

The Rise of Yiddish Online (Slate, February 2014)
the unlikely cyberlife of a struggling language

Chinese Workers Foxconned (Dissent, Spring 2013)
the world's biggest manufacturer, the hottest gadgets, the future of Chinese labor

(Chinadialogue, September 2012)

China's Instant Cities, Thirty Years On (Lapham's, November 2010)
instant dystopias or models of eco-dense 21st century living?


(Al Jazeera, March 2014)
the Kunming attacks and the forgotten genocide

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endangered languages in China and the Jewish ethnographic tradition

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a short, curious history of the Soviet war on God 

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politicians and dictators making art (usually badly)

(The Jewish Chronicle, May 2008)